A special meeting was conducted on Oct. 26,2002 at Ely and Nanie dela Cruz's Rancho Penasquitos house:

I.  Reunion collaboration for High School Grads from 1965-1975 (core hosts/sponsors).  Graduates preceding year "65 and beyond year '75 are indiscriminately welcome to join and/or attend this event.

II.  In the interim, the function is in the drawing board for a summer 2004 upshot.  Specifically, the second weekend of July is the target date.  A dinner/dance event

on a Saturday night, then Jam session the next day describe the weekend fete.

III.  Point of contact is designated for each batch/year.

IV.  Point of venue will be Los Angeles/Orange counties.

V.  At this seminal stage, the group is holding up with a basic fund of $ 1000.00.

VI.  Dissemination of reunion information will be by e-mail messaging and via postal conveyance.

VII.  Contact persons are encouraged to obtain graduates' residences, phone numbers and e-mail addresses and to please keep them current.

VIII.  Group meeting and brainstorming frequency, incidentally, will be every 3 months.  Potluck is imposed every time the group congregates.

IX.  Future meeting is set for Feb. 8, 2003 no later then 11 am @ Mario Mateo's house.

X.  The following is a list of group members to contact to pacify any questions and issues any graduate has that needed clarifications with regards to this reunion:

- 1965 - Mario Mateo (310/ 396-9308) or MateoMa@mail.Northgrum.com
            Joe Corpuz (619/470-0372) or JMCorpuz@aol.com
- 1966 - Julie Ballesteros-Agojo (626/965-5096) or Jagojo@msn.com
            Vickie Sanchez-Norashkarian (626/359-2947) or Vnorashk@lacity.gov
            Alice Casison
- 1967 - Nick and Edith Bergado Sison
- 1968 - Agnes Sanchez (626/285-9162); Ely and Nanie Soriano dela Cruz
- 1969 - Leticia Nigalan Llanes (858/484-1252) or LNLlanes@hotmail.com
- 1970 - Tito Tigno (619/267-8298) or Tignofam5@aol.com
            Edward Ataop, Mario Doria
- 1971 - Mary Jane Elleazar
            Manuel Martinez (805) 488-8782) or Martinez.Manuel@ni.cnrsw.navy.mil
- 1972 - Johnny Soriano (619/934-8565) or SorianoJS@miramar.usmc.mil
            Lorenzo Suyat (818/893-1256) or Domkrchjos@aol.com 
- 1973 - Yvonne San Juan-Umali (310/422-6676) or yvonnesjumali@yahoo.com
            Nancy U. Garcia (562/731-0082) or taray2@hotmail.com
            Marilou Aradanas
- 1974 - Yogi Diaz - Yogi.diaz@nw.amedd.army.mil
            Charito Cabanilla Love (718/347-1960) or Chalove@yahoo.com
            Brenda Ramirez Balmonte - Brenda.Balmonte@Siemens.com
            Fanny Untalan Ramiso (818/507-6125) or fannylaoramiso@dpss.co.la.ca.us
- 1975 - Virginia Ambrosio Sison - virgie@franchise.org

East Coast:  Dong Goroza, Angelina Marron
Canada:  Fe Malagayo
Australia:  Glen Sarthou, Burt La Pena
England:  Marilou Enrique
Philippines:  Elpidio Angeles, Shari Nerza

You guys have a good day...
Prepared by Nancy U. Garcia
Oct. 28, 2002