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Literary contributions





Igoy Zaid


Years unfold in the midst of gleeful teens

Walk upon the scene a gal with a glittering beam

Soft is the voice, refined her ways

Never seem to lost composure even on stressful days.


Bedimpled smiles akin to an Angelic face

Even a hardened heart would melt in its craze.

Bashfulness, it seems, hide attributes uncompared

Personality, nevertheless, remains exposed yet undeclared.


For not so long her presence felt

A sea of suitors, admirers prevailed.

Ardent, conspicuous, count you may

Never know she would of the one that never got her way.


Pity not unbraved heart feelings came not unwrapped

Wonder what difference have you had the guts?

Would it have turned up his way had he not wilted?

Believe it or not it would be for grabs for whoever was gifted!


Admiration of beauty evoking many a heart palpitation

Three decades nearly of absence, feelings have gone into oblivion.

Alas! Opportunity aplenty squandered, spoiled a many a ways

Unbraving heartís fate sealed Smiling Angel never to lay eyes again.


Stroke of luck or, better yet, Divine intervention

Paths have crossed once more with absent funfare, albeit, unabated tension.

Praises of joy and bliss to the heartís content

Will it last long enough or will it quickly dissipate.


Heartís won over, forever committed she

To the man of her dreams she rightfully belongs.

Dreams, imagination, correspondence, only could he

Memories of yesteryears bridged with reality.


Month of the hearts herald another celebration

Fateful we may be to our love forever.

Wonderful, great donít you think will it be?

Thoughts about you on this grandiose day!




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