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Literary contributions

We invite all alumni to contribute your writing skills. 

I am sure some of us are frustrated writers one way or the other. 

But what the hey!  Bring it on!

Send to:



A Poem to Fanny

By:  Anonymous Alumnus


 Twas’ the Monsoon onset,

less than three decades ago,

A budding Beauty I come to know.

Bright as a golden sun her face,

ever radiating joy unfading even after sunset.


 Fresh blooming jasmine

and rose her smile compared,

sweet scents of perfume a floating in the air.

A glimpse each day never failing to notice,

that effervescent image which makes the heart aflame.


 Admiration unnoticed, love unspoken,

Courage not mustered, magic words unsaid.

Old-fashioned heart never listens anymore,

Beauty was lost never to come again.


 Twas’ the stroke of luck or so it seems,

Behold! Beauty is found amid passing scenes.

Eyes unmet through all this years,

Passion and love:  undying, still alit.


 Hopes eternal, wish unchanged,

Dreams of nearly three decades may yet unfold.

Chance of another glimpse, banter or two,

Promising as before yet will it hold true?


Opportunity once denied before,

Again it comes knocking on the door.

Pass this way only but once,

“Beauty”, I evoke, “May we reunite!”


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